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Why should you care about food waste?

Well, it’s a big deal. No, really it’s massive, if you plot the emissions of food waste as it degrades, against the emissions of all the countries in the world - the only countries that produce more greenhouse gases are the US and China.

But, maybe this isn’t really our problem?

In the UK, 6.6 Millions tonnes of food are wasted annually. We waste 70% of that total in our homes!

Ok, but we’re really busy actually living our lives

Stockcubes wants to empower people to stop wasting food, plus there’s another benefit we haven’t mentioned yet. The dosh. The cashola. The money that you save by using your food more efficiently. In the UK, the average family would save up to £800 in a year by cutting their food waste.

Right, fine, but surely it’s really difficult to solve?

It can be difficult, if you’re keeping track of all your food on paper and planning your meals by scouring cookbooks, but that’s where Stockcubes comes in. We’ve got delicious, simple recipes, a planner that builds you a shopping list and a recommendation engine that nudges you to use up the food you’ve already got.

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